So Warm...

He looked at me again, and smiled. I laughed, and pulled him down the stairs, saying, "C'mon, it's getting towards evening. I'll make dinner!" Jeremy laughed, and went into the living room. I raided the cupboards. I pulled out some things, and started to cook. I cooked fried chicken with chips, and and for desert, home-made chocolate moose. I was proud of what I had made. I put the chocolate in the fridge, and plated up the fried chicken and chips. I took them through. Shade seemed glad for the food. It turned into its human form, and began to eat.

I smiled, and went to check on Selena. She was still asleep. I looked at her for a bit, then left her in peace. I ate my own dinner, and got the chocolate moose out the fridge, along with three spoons. Shade had turned back  into its ferret form, and curled up. I put a blob of moose on its nose. Jeremy laughed, and took a spoon. We left a little for when Selena woke up. I sat with Jeremy, and he pulled me into a hug. "Thanks...for helping me and stopping me from ripping that invisible thing to pieces." he laughed softly. I smiled, and leant my head on his shoulder. He was so warm. Shade looked at us, and raised an eyebrow. It wolf whistled, and turned into a cat. I jumped up, and ran after it laughing.

The End

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