Pretty Lame . . .

Jeremy leaned back into the wall, completely un-suicidle now.  Ami had left as soon as she had kissed him, and was already gone, the door shut.  He looked around the room thoughtfully.  He wasn't sure what to think.  He knew he felt a very strong emotion for Ami, except he hadn't been sure what the emotion was.  Although now, he was pretty sure what it was.

He stood up, and walked over to the window, opening it and and leaning his head out the window, feeling the calm breeze against his face.  He smiled slightly, and then opened his eyes.

As soon as he did, he heard a smash, and the invisisble thing burst out the a wall, bits of the wall and breaking away, some sticking to the thing.

For whatever reason the thing was visible, but slowly turned invisible as he/she ran around the corner.  Suddenly he saw a bush next to that area wiggle, and he knew it was there.  That was a pretty lame excuse of a hiding spot, and a pretty lame excuse of an effort.

Then it happened again.  he lifted up his hands, and launched a lightning bolt at the thing, and the bush was suddenly moving and jerking around from the thing inside of it spinning and twisting with spasms of the electricity zapping through it.

At first, Jeremy had thought that the electricity had been some how powered by his rage, but right now, he didn't seem enraged, he seemed . . . joyfull and funny, like he just wanted to . . . well smile.  Maybe it could just only work when he felt some stronge emotion of any kind.

He walked out of the room.  He wanted to get back to the thing before it could run off.

The End

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