2 days

I knew something bad to me if i layed a finger on Ami or Jeremy, but i knew that if he did they'd give him a really hard time at the company. "Watch your mouth, for it's getting the best of you". I knew it  was mad. "Meaning in 2 days they'll be here for ya. And you can't run, because they'll find you!"

I had to get out, but how? . . . "I have to use the restroom!" I said knowing full well they wouldn't want to clean up after me if i weted my pants. "Let me out for a little." Shade thought for a minute then It said, "Fine hurry up". The force field lightend up a bit and i came out. He told me there was a bathroom down the hall. He went in first and madesure there were no windows. Then i went in and he came out only to gaurd the door.

I didn't have to go to the bathroom at all but i turned on the fosset slightly to make it i had to. I turned to the wall, "Slam." I went through the wall taking dry wall with me. Just then it entered the room and ran through were i was seconds ago. Running fast but not quite as fast as me.

I then shouted, "2 DAYS, REMEBER THAT." And like that, i left and fond a suitable hiding spot near the house, waiting for the two days to pass. It triped over a big branch and when it looked up to find me i was already gone.

The End

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