Blackmail From a Ferret

When Ami left, Shade turned back into its ferret form and sat on the thing's invisible knee, death-staring in the way only angry rodents can.

"So we're to be your little science experiments? What are you going to do, attach needles to us and see what happens? Make us run on treadmills till we drop to measure our pulse rates? Well I have some news for you boyo. I've had enough of being experimented on like a rat! I spent the first fourteen years of my life having that done to me! And I'm not going back, never!" Shade glared at the invisible face for a few moments before continuing, calmer this time,

"So here's a little warning. You so much as try and hurt anyone here and I will personally make some very painful changes to your appendages." Shade narrrowed it's ferrety eyes and hissed suggestively: "And it won't just be your fingers I'll be removing."

The End

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