Following Jeremy

Ami knew immediatly that Jeremy had not gone into the bathroom. They wanted her. And now the others. Ami ran up the stairs, and knocked on her bedroom door.  An eye peeked through, and whispered, "Come in, Ami." Ami went in, and locked the door behind her. She saw Jeremy slump onto the bed. She also saw his finger dripping with blood. An image flashed trough her eyes. It was the image of her mother and father dead, but laying next to the, was Jeremy. Ami cried out softly, the threw herself towards the blood. She pressed her lips to his finger. A bit went in her mouth, but that wasn't anything compared to what happened next.

His finger healed right up, and Ami swallowed a drop of his blood. She felt his power surge as it ran down her throat. She shuddered, and Jeremy put his hand to her face. Ami looked him strait in the eye. She placed her hand on top of his, keeping it on her cheek. "It'll be fine. I know it will." she whispered to him. Ami edged closer, and ever so lightly, kissed his lips. She smiled blushed, and went back downstairs to deal with Cult.

The End

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