Right Back . . .

Jeremy stared at the invisible thing, hatred in his eyes.  He didn't want to go and be some sort of guinea pig for this company it was talking about.

Shade began to question it some more, but just then,  Jeremy almost fell over on the ground, but caught himself  just barely.

"I uh . . . got . . . to go use the bathroom . . ."  He said, and slowly walked up the stairs, tears streaming down his eyes.  He got back to the room that he and Ami were in, and locked the door behind him, sitting down on the bed.

He wanted to scream!  Today seemed like the worst day of his life.  Really it hadn't, it had been rather fun, though.

Why did life had to suck so bad?  He realized, that in his backpack, which he had had with him sense the first day he'd got there and left in the room, Had had a pocket knife in it.  He opened his bag and pulled it out.

He eyed the blade suspuciously, feeling how sharp it was against his fingers.  He gave himself a small cut on his finger just to see how bad it hurt.  Blood slowly began to drip . . .

The End

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