Brave Jeremy, Brave Thing.

As Jeremy threw another electrical ball at the creature. Ami laughed. "You're very brave at the minute, Jeremy. You were all shy earlier. Why is that?" she asked him. It was genuine question, which had been playing with her mind like, she played with the Elements. Jeremy avoided answering by looking over at the thing with a look of complete loathing on his face. I put my arm round Jeremy, and pulled him back slightly feeling that he so desperatly wanted to hurt this thing that had hurt others. The thing in its bonds showed itself. It growled slightly, saying it wouldn't tell us anything. I stood, and it flinched slightly.

I could feel it thinking, thinking we were going to torture the answers out of it. I went over to it, and touched my fingers lightly to it's forehead. "Thanks for showing yourself. Brave thing to do, giving up." she whispered so quietly, that only the thing could hear. It looked at her in shock, and its gaze, that had been stone before, softened slightly. And when it had show itself, Ami's thoughts had come true. It had been staring at her but why...?

The End

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