How Comical

Ami woke to find her force fields gone, and Shade giving chase to the invisible thing. It was quite comical to watch. She smiled as she saw Jeremy, and a little way off, Selena, still unconscious. Jeremy was blushing, so Ami guessed she hadn't been out long, because she had kissed Jeremy's neck before passing out. She used her powers to lift Selena into the air, and lifted her into my room, and onto the bed. Ami closed the door, and ran back downstairs to see Jeremy going after a gray blur, barely visible. Ami closed her eyes. Fire ropes slithered through the air like snakes,  and wrapped themselves round the invisible thing legs and arms. Shade beamed at her best it could, and Jeremy patted her on the back. Ami grinned.

She looked down,to see the ropes still tied, and the thing inside them trying to get free. Jeremy wrapped a single arm round Ami's shoulder, and stared down at the ropes. Ami smiled, and touched just above the ropes to feel skin and material. Ami pulled her prisoner over to the sofa, and put it on the sofa, so it was facing them. Ami, Shade and Jeremy sat together,staying close. They stared at the thing, and Ami had the strangest feeling like the thing was staring at her too.

The End

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