Don't Mess with The Shapeshifter...

After getting over it's original shock, and watching Ivory flee for his life, Shade's temper snapped.

How dare it! How dare this evil monster come in here and hurt my friends!

It's not going to get away with this.

With a primeval roar, Shade changed into a massive pitch-dark griffin and leapt at where it presumed the invisible thing was. It heard something shuffly aside with a yelp, Shade hissed and advanced on it, swiping at the air in an attempt to catch the creature. Once or twice it felt it's taloned front legs connect with something, but never enough to actually get a grip on anything. Shade however did not care, it was too angry to think rationally about this whole affair.

None the less, chasing this unknown horror around the room was proving to be rather amusing...

The End

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