Get Stuffed

"What are you?!" Ami cried. She felt a heavy rough hand grip her shoulder, and throw her across the room. Ami shouted out, and then in pain, let herself collapse. A delicate vase had smashed, and a shard dug into Ami's hands, and into her side. Jeremy ran over, and touched his hands to Ami's arm. He pulled out a shard, and pulled bits out of her side. Ami closed her eyes, and listened. Ivory had run, Selena was still unconscious, and Jeremy was trying to help her. Ami heard slow footsteps behind Jeremy. A stone came high above Jeremy's head.

"No!" shouted Ami, and she launched herself over Jeremy's head, and wrestled with the stone, trying to keep it away with the burning pain still ebbing her strength. Ami threw her arms up, and around, and force feilds of almost clear rock appeared round everyone, protecting them. She collapsed next to Jeremy, who looked really scared. Ami put one hand on his shoulder, the other on his cheek. She smiled at him. Behind them, the invisible thing kept shouting, and bashing something on the stone. "Get stuffed." Ami muttered. Jeremy gave a laugh. Ami felt so weak. She leaned on Jeremy's shoulder for a moment, kissed his neck, then let herself hit the floor, unconscious.

The End

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