Goodbye Ivory

Ivory backed into a corner, scared by what was happening. He kept letting out little whimpers. His parents had tried to warn him about this, about how violent humans could be. He hadn’t listened. He should have. Throwing his hand up, Ivory shook his head. He lowered down to all forms, morphing back into a Unicorn.

His tail swished uncontrollable, hitting one wall and then the other. His head swung wildly back and forth as he tried to decipher what was going on. He was terrified. Letting out a loud neigh Ivory reared, flailing his front hooves in the air.

His hooves came down in a clatter and he took off at a gallop. Out the door, through the orchard, back the way he had come. He galloped and galloped until he could gallop no more. At last he collapsed in the safety of his own thicket.

He should have stayed. He could have healed them. He could have fought. But he was too young. He didn’t know enough, least of all how to fight. A single sparkling tear ran down his cheek as he drifted to sleep.

Goodbye, he thought, maybe I’ll come back when I know more and am braver.

The End

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