Now It's Personal

I still couldn't see the thing, but as Selena was suddenly thrown into the air, I realized there definetly was something there.  Ami started throwing fireballs around the room, trying to hit the thing, but to no avail.  she was suddenly picked up by here legs, and swung into the wall, falling unconcious.

My first feeling was fear, but it quickly changed to anger . . . no . . . hatred.  I Screamed at the top of my lungs, and was almost blinded by rage.  I started shaking voilently. 

Suddenly I realized it.  As I became more and more angry, i could see the thing.  I could see it clearly.  I charged at it, and punched at it with all my mite.  It was flown back, landing on the floor. 

Then something happened I couldn't explain.  I lifted up my hands, and created a bolt of electricity, floating in between my hands.  I launched it at the thing, and it turned purple, energy electricuting it, and was blown back out threw the window.  It landed outside, and for all i knew it could have been dead.

I calmed down slightly, and ran over too Ami.  Ivory and Shade were already over with Selena.  Ami opened her eyes slightly, but before I could say anything, I heard a noise.  The Invisible object was coming back in.

The End

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