Tense Atmosphere

"He's gone." sighed Ami. She began to run round the small room. "Try and catch me!" she giggled. Jeremy raced around the room after her. Ami grew tired, and stopped. They collided, and tumbled. They laughed. Ami went pink. Jeremy had fallen with one hand over her, and she had hold of his shoulder and the floor. They pushed themselves up, and coughed. As they both sat down to eat their cake, Ami got an electric shock. She cried out slightly.

Jeremy put his plate down, an glanced at Ami. She looked at him. She edged closer to him, and wrapped her arms round him. He jumped slightly, then relaxed. "I'm glad we're friends.  I hope that everyone can be!" she smiled up at him. Jeremy looked at her thoughtfully, then pulled her into a hug. Ami smiled, and  for the first time in seven years, felt happy and tense at the same time. She held herself close to Jeremy's warm body. They let go of each other, and glanced away blushing.


The End

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