In all the chaos, Shade appeared to have been forgotten. And, at that stage in time, it was more than happy to stay that way.

But at the mention of a police officer at the door, it scrambled into action. Whizzing out in it's otter form from underneath a chair, it turned into a tall, brown-haired man with a strong chin and pale green eyes. It winked at the others as it approached the door and pulled it open.

"Hello officer!" Shade said brightly, "Sorry to cause you so much concern, but there's nothing to worry about. My son just slipped on the stairs and hit his head a bit. Don't worry, it's all under control, he's just taking a rest. I apologize for the disturbance." Grinning, the shapeshifter shook the officer's hand and, turning momentarily, winked back at the others before closing the door after the officer as he left.

"So, we all okay now?" asked Shade, with a mischievous grin.

The End

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