A Man at The Door

Jeremy was deathly afraid of going down stairs, and was glad Ami wasn't just forcing him to go.  They talked for a while, about various things, until she went downstairs to get them some cake, which Jeremy was extreamly greatful for.

as they were talking and laughing, they herd a knock on the door from downstairs.

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!  "Hello!!!  Whats going on in there?!"  We heard someone yell. 

Jeremy looked at Ami, and they both shrugged.  Ami went over to the window, where she had a clear veiw of the front door.

"Who is it?"  Jeremy whispered to Ami.

"Uhh . . ."  She replied.  "It's a police officer."

What? Jeremy thought to himself.  He walked over to see, and sure enough, it was.

The End

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