... I Can't?

Ivory was nervous. Too nervous in fact to remember to catch his tail. Jeremy had scared him with all that rage and stuff. Then Selena had shown him all that information. It took him forever as he had to sound out most of the words. Selena helped him, so he forgave her for pulling his tail earlier. Then she’d asked him to fix Jeremy’s brain.

Ivory clip clopped in front of the bay window in the living room. He hadn’t gotten to any of the high level healing stuff. Cuts and bruises, those he’d been able to do since he was born. All Unicorns did. The big healings, like internal bleeding and resuscitation, weren’t taught until you were older. Mental illness wasn’t taught until even later.

“But, but I didn’t even get past first form,” he gulped. “I can’t even do internal injuries, let alone a brain!”

Ivory’s tail gave a big swish, and he caught it at last. His face flushed as he realized it’d been twitching for a while.

The End

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