What if...

Selena watched Jeremy's meltdown with real concern. It was pretty obvious that poor Jeremy was suffering from mental illness. Multiple personalities in fact. She wasn't a healer, there was nothing she could do. Ivory was a healer, but he was really young. He probably didn't even have his full powers yet.

Healing a purple bump was one thing, but mental illness? That needed big time healing by a trained specialist. She had seen Elves go kind of nuts when they had a bad reaction to something they ate, but Jeremy's constant mood swings were uncontrollable. I flew back to my tree house and pulled out my laptop.

That was another thing the Elves objected to. I used my magic to pull some gold out of the mountain that our pine forest grew on. I used it to buy a laptop. I used my magic to get the Internet though. No server in the world would give an Elf in exile a contract!

I looked up some stuff on mental illness, and I found out that sometimes erratic behaviour isn't mental illness. Sometimes the brain can go out of whack from chemicals in the brain working improperly.

I flew back down to where Ivory was, and showed him what I found. He read it right through. I don't think he understood all of it, but then neither did I.

"Okay, so Jeremy's moods could come from something wrong in his brain. Isn't that what mental illness is?"

That hadn't occurred to me. He could be right. The kid was smart!

"Yeah, maybe, but what if you could sort of put your unicorn horn on his head and concentrate on fixing his brain? Something has to be done before he really hurts himself, or someone else in one of his rages."

Ivory switched his tail back and forth. I think it was a nervous habit. I had started twisting the beautiful glass bracelet around that Ami had given me. It caught the light and made rainbows. Twisting it helped me think. My idea might  not work, but what if....

The End

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