Emotional Takeover

As Jeremy threw books at them, Ami protected everyone from them with fire, making the books burn up. Jeremy tried to apologize, then he ran out of the house, and Ami saw him crossing the street, and going into an alleyway. Ami called out, then opened the front door. "Be right back! I think he's having an emotional takeover!! she shouted, then launched herself out. She didn't use her powers. Too many 'normal' people around. She made for the alleyway where Jeremy had disappeared, Ami in the alleyway, Ami could see  bins and rubbish, and among  then, Jeremy. Ami walked slowly and quietly towards him.

He head snapped up, face contorted with rage. He seemed to calm slightly at the sight of Ami. She ran the rest of the way to him, then knelt down beside him. She sighed, and wrapped her arms round him. He seemed slightly shocked, but hugged her back. Ami rested her head on his shoulder. "Don't just run away like that. It scared us." she whispered. Jeremy jolted, then gave a little laugh.

"Your telling me not to run away, even though I just threw books at you all?" he laughed. Ami smiled gently to him. She took his arms, and put them round the back of her neck. "Hold on tight!" she laughed, and they lifted into the air, and flew over the road, and back to the house. They were blown into Ami's window, and Ami and Jeremy sat on her bed. Jeremy didn't want to go downstairs. "What if they all hate me now?!" he asked, biting his lip. Ami rolled her eyes and hugged him again. She sighed. "We could stay up here for a while, see if they're ok with it." she told him. Jeremy smiled, and nodded.

The End

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