Jeremy screamed again.  He was soo, so angry.  He had to do something.  He walked into the living room, and picked up a chair, which he lifted up and smashed onto the ground, shattering into hundreds of peices.  He he picked up a decorative pot, and through it against the wall.

As they heard the noise, everyone came back in to see what was going on.  As soon as they did, Jeremy felt so enraged, he grabbed up some books from a shelf, and launched five of them at a time at all of them, and Ami barely blocked it with a wall of fire.

Suddenly, his mood calmed.  everyone stared at him, eyes wide.  What had he done?

"Ohhh I'm so sorry I jus . . . I mean it wasn't my fa---"  he tried to apaulagize, but how could he.  He'd just tried to hurt them, and then tried to say it wasn't his fault.  He ran out of the room, and across the road to a safe hideing spot he knew none of them could find him, and silently screamed.  Would they ever forgive him?

The End

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