Jeremy was extreamly glad at his personality at the time.  It was very appropriet.  It did seem that when he was around Ami, his mood swings seemed to match the actuall mood.  The last time he'd ever fallen unconcious, he woken up EXTREAMLY angry, and attacked his best friend, who'd saved his life from drownding.

Ami walked over to him, sat down next to him.  He locked eyes with her for a moment, until she leaned down and kissed his forhead.  They both blushed slightly.  But as soon as it started to feel akward with everyone else standing around, she started making fire birds swirl around the room.

He smiled, and loved watching the magical fire.  It made him wonder.  Even making things out of water made sense, because although it took magic to move water, making rain or something from thin air made still made sense because you could pull them out of the moistour.  Fire was completely different.

He stood up, and felt completely normal, like it'd never happened.  "Thanks."  Jeremy muttered to Ivory.

"No problem."

He walked out of the room.  He felt angry, but couldn't tell why.  He wanted to shout all of the sudden.  He started running, and ran all the way to the front door, walking out of the house.  As soon as he felt the fresh air, he was ok again.  sometimes it did that, when he felt sertain moods, he could just change his surounding and it would be ok.

He walked back inside, and suddenly screamed at the top of his lungs.

The End

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