Thank The Goddess!

Ami exhaled deeply, then made the water disappear back o the washing machine. She turned it off, then ran back to check that Jeremy was ok. She reached the living room, to see a dazed Jeremy opening his eyes slowly. Ami breathed out deeply. She was relived that Jeremy was fine.Selena gave Ami and Ivory a high-five. She went over to Jeremy, and sat down by his head, and touching his cheek. "Thank the Goddess you're alright!" she exclaimed. She kissed his forehead, then blushed.

 Ami locked eyes with Jeremy for a moment, then broke the contact. Ami stroked Jeremy's hair , then leaned her face on her arm, and locked eyes with Jeremy again. They stared at each other for a bit, then Ami broke the contact, making a few fire birds fly round the room, making him smile.

The End

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