To The Rescue

I watched all the dancing and cavorting around. I even did a little jig myself, but mostly I watched to make sure no one got hurt or hurt someone else. As the oldest, I felt oddly responsible for these kids. They were just having fun, so I didn't do anything to stop them, but I still kept watch.

I have extraordinary hearing. Maybe it's because I'm an Elf, or maybe its' because my ears are pointed. I dunno, but I could hear a cry for help way down in the basement. I flew down there in a minute and a half.

Jeremy was half way face down on the cement floor of warm soapy water! I dragged him up off the floor and propped him up on the stairs. I put his arm through the banister railings to keep him upright till I went to get help. I flew back upstairs and rounded up Ami and Ivory.

"You said you were a healer, right Ivory? Well Jeremy fell downstairs in the basement, and he's got a big black and blue bump on his forehead. He's still passed out on the stairs. Ami, the floor is five inches deep in soapy water. It's a real hazard. Do you think you could get the water to go back to wherever it came from?"

"Yeah, I'm a healer, I can heal Jeremy!"

Ivory took off toward the basement door in his youthful exuberance. I grabbed onto his tail and stopped him before he reached the door.

"Hey! That hurts!" Ivory yelled.

"I'm sorry ivory, but you were going to run down the stairs, and they're wet! You won't be any good to anybody if you're passed out too!"

"Oh, okay." Ivory said and walked toward the basement door, rubbing his rear where his tail started. Ami and I followed him downstairs.

When we got there, Jeremy was still sitting on a step part way up, with his arm  through the railing. Ivory went to him and placed his horn on Jeremy's bump. In minutes the bump shrunk, and the purple faded.

While we were on the stairs with Jeremy, Ami went down to the basement floor,  which now had at least eight inches of water now! Ami waved her arms around and all the soapy water went back into a big industrial washing machine, which had over flowed.

Ami came back up to sit with us. Jeremy was just waking up.

"All done. I think it will be okay for now." Ami said

"Wow, you guys did great. You two rock!!" I yelled, as I high fived them both.

The End

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