Jeremy watched delited as Ami made fire rings around the room, and then wind blowing them around, she could even make drops of rain come from no where.

Jeremy liked this mood, and wished he could stay in it longer, wished so badly he could control it, but he knew it would eventually leave him.  As Ami made more shapes, she looked at him, and caught him staring directly at her face instead of her display of magic.

Embarrased, he popped up, suddenly running down the hall.  "I'll be right back!"  he called.

As he ran down the hall, he felt curiosity come over him as he saw an open door on the left.  He accidantily tripped and hit his head on the ground as he tried to stop to look.  As he got up, he felt curious.  extreamly curious.  Another mood.

Noises came from inside the room, and he just COULDN"T help himself but go to look.  Inside was a small starcase leading down into the basement, this part of it being some kind of loundry room.  He walked inside curious to find more.  He suddenly slipped.  the ground was slick with soapy water, and hit his head on the ground, hard.

Everything faded to black. . . .

The End

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