As Jeremy and Shade bounded round the house with music, Ami ran to the large hall, and flung open the doors. As Jeremy whooshed back, Ami grabbed his t-shirt. Jeremy stopped, with a wild gleam in his eye. She lead him into the hall, and took to boom box off him. She plugged it into the sound system, and the others came in. Selena gasped behind her.

Shade poked her head round the door. Ami took  Jeremy's hand, and danced around to the energetic music. Ami ran to her room, and got changed into jeans and a t-shirt, then ran back. She ran strait at the wall, kicked off, and did a back flip. Jeremy grinned at her. They ran round the room laughing. Ami began to do a fire display, with fire flying through the air, turning into birds and spirals. As a phoenix swooped round the room, Ami shouted, "Let the fun begin!"

The End

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