Explainations Of A Dreadful Ordeal

Ami stopped dancing, and sat on the stage. She turned off the music, and laid back, thinking of that dreadful night. Her fifth birthday. The day she had got my powers, and the day she had become alone. She shook the thoughts out of her head, and walked back into the living room. "We gotta another newbie!" Someone exclaimed. Ami giggled. She jumped, and with the help of her powers, she was lifted into the air, and put her hands over Ivory's eyes. "Guess who?" she giggled. she lifted her hands, and landed back on the floor. Ivory smelt the air.

"Your not new! You're Ami!" he laughed. Ami took off her mask, and Selena looked at her thoughtfully. "Where is your family?" she asked. Ami froze. She turned to Selena, and wrapped her arms round herself. Ami sighed. She sat down, and so did everyone else.

"On my fifth birthday, I realized I had powers. My parent had told all their friends. I put on a little show, making fire dance, water flow, stone move and wind blow. Then, the lights went out. They went on again, and a man was in the room. He grabbed my father, and slit his throat. Then her grabbed mother, and told her she would pay. He ripped her neck out with his bare hands. Then he turned to me, hands bloody, and he placed a hand on my hand, and stroked my neck. He stood up, and he...licked the blood from his hands, saying he would have the pleasure of taking mine one day. Then he left, leaving me there. I left my home, with as many clothes as I could carry. I went to my aunt's where she looked after me for a bit, then made me a slave to her son. I ran away from them, and came here. I brought nothing with me. Apart from my powers, my memories, and a single thing that my mother my cousin had given to me, trying to be nice on day." Ami sobbed.

She put her hand in her pocket, and pulled out a diamond heart, the size of her thumbnail.  "He said, 'give it to the person you love.' I have yet to find that person." she choked. Shade came over in its human form, and patted Ami's shoulder. Ami smiled at Shade and the others through her blurry vision. Things were bound to get better, because nothing could have been worst than that dreadful night.

The End

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