Alone In The World

Ami leaned her head down, and touched her cheek to Shade's fur. As the other talked behind her, Ami let out a long sigh. Shade nuzzled her hand. It reminded her of how her cat had done that years ago. A delicate hand touched her shoulder. Selena was behind her. "Why are you here, and why were you alone?" she asked. The whole room went silent. Ami gulped.

A tear slid down her cheek. "I'll tell you later." she whispered, then placed Shade beside her, and went to explore to house. A door caught her attention. She opened it, and stepped through. Inside was a huge hall, most likely used for parties or dances. Ami smiled at her little discovery. She went back out, and wen into her bedroom. She opened the wardrobe, and took out a beautiful dress. It was a deep red ball gown with  golden embroidery.  Ami got changed into it, and glanced into a mirror. Ami brushed her hair, and went back to the wardrobe. She stood on her tiptoes, and saw a gold tiara with red gemstones. Also, she saw a red mask with two gold feathers on one side. She put them on, and went back to the hall. She went to a sound system, and put a CD into it.

Ami danced around the hall, twirling and twisting in time to the music. All alone. She didn't want anyone to find her in her moment of happiness, but she wished she had someone to dance with.

The End

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