Friendship Blooms

Ami looked round the room happily. There were a few people there now who could keep her company. As a human boy came in, and said his name was Jeremy, Ami  took an instant liking to him. He looked around her age, and quite bold, until Shade bit him. Shade apologized to the now shy boy. Ami touched his shoulder lightly. "Hi. I'm Ami. Do you want to be my friend?" she asked him. He seemed slightly taken aback, but nodded slowly. He looked a little scared, so Ami wrapped an arm round him.

"Don't worry." She told him. He gave a little smile. I looked back at the beautiful elf, Selena. She had help Ivory to be a little more comfatable in his clothes. Selena wiped her brow. Ami made a gentle wind blow into the room. Someone gasped. "Oh great. Now I'm gonna be the weird one in here." she thought. She looked around, and the made a drop of water appear in her hand. She pressed it a squeezed it, until it became a glass band.  Ami slid it onto Selena's wrist, then made other ones for everyone else.But, something strange happened. When she tried to make one for Ivory, fire came instead of water, and it froze into a red band, which Ami tied onto Ivory's wrist. She looked around at everyone. "I hope friendship blooms in this house like the fragrant flowers outside!" she said, and she went to the window, and pulled herself onto the ledge. Shade went over to her in its otter form, and Ami absent-mindedly stroked Shade's thick, warm fur.

The End

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