I walked in the room, they were 3 people, whos names i didnt know. They all stared at me. There was this one girl who looked really pretty, i took a liking to her as soon as i walked through the door. But, there were 2 older boys, who were stood infront of her, i walked forward and stood behind girl, patted her on the back, and whispered;

"Hi, Im Lucy. Wanna be friends?"

The 2 boys turned around and started laughing, i wasn't sure why, but then i realised, she was a Cardboard Figure. They we pointing and laughing, it was terrible, i was so embarrassed, but i started laughing to fit in. One of the boys, shouted something through a walkie talkie, then everybody stopped laughing. About 10 seconds later a group of about 7 people, mostly men came into the room, then gathered around me. I was petrified, looking around i realised something wasnt right here, all the people had strange looking ears, elf ears!

The End

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