Selena gets acquainted

Ivory was a shy little guy. I say little, but he was taller than me, all five feet of me. I liked him. He was going through the same thing as me.. only younger.

"You're quite welcome about the better fit Ivory. I grew so fast one year that my mom got sick of changing them, so she gave me my own clothing incantations. Now I'm old enough to use them on everybody.The humans have to pay for everything, and I don't have any money, so that's the only way I can change clothes." I told him.

'That was so lame!' I thought to myself. I still don't know how to talk to non Elf type people, and since I'm not shy, I don't know how to shut up! Ivory thanked me and asked about becoming human. He was embarrassed, and shy.

"Yeah, I'm learning about humans because I was kicked out too! The stuffy old elders in my clan don't appreciate artistic talent. I had to leave for a whole year until I figure out whether I want to live like an Elf or a human. I only know how to be an Elf, so far. I like unicorns. We have them in our home forest. Do you like clover?  My best friend unicorn's name is Clover, because that is her favourite food."

Ivory and Ami looked at me funny. Then Ami said, "You sure do talk a lot! "

I considered that a moment, deciding whether I should be offended or not. I decided not. I really do talk a lot!

"Do you know any of Santa's Elves? There's some stuff I'd like for Christmas." Ami asked, changing the subject.

"I do know some of Santa's Elves, but they don't like me much. I liked to paint the dolls' faces green. I told you, nobody likes my artistic ability! How come you're here alone Ami? You're pretty young, but then so is Ivory. I don't think I could cope with being alone when I was that young."


The End

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