Doesn't Have a Name . . .

He walked in through the front door.  Right now, his name was Jeremy, because he was feeling rather bold.  He had been born, and abandoned at birth, and no one had ever really talked to him much, and no one had named him.  He was about 13, and had dule personalitys.  Right now, in his "Jeremy" form, he couldn't remember anything else, like his other personality, because this was his first time being Jeremy, which ment the only thing he could remember is what had happened to him sense he had become Jeremy, about 30 seconds ago.

He listened, and could here voices coming from upstairs in a bedroom, so he walked there, and opened the door.

"Hello."  He said, still fealing very brave.

everyone looked at him, but before anyone could even say anything, He said, "Hey, is that a ferrat?"  and walked over, greedilly picking up the little,  cute, animal.  It bit him, which caused a sudden change.  A change to one of his more shy personalitys, and one of the few personalitys in which he could remember his other personalaitys.  He had a few.

He suddenly dropped the ferrat.  "Ohhh, I'm so sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!"  He exclaimed, gently letting go of the ferrat on the ground, and stting on the bed, shyfully huddling into the corner.

The End

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