If the Clothes Fit...

Just as soon as Selena was done adjusting his clothing Shade zoomed right back up onto Ivory’s shoulder. He shook himself, and wondered if perhaps he should have asked for some extra padding where the ferret clung to him. But his mane and tail felt much better. His tail flicked again and he caught it. Damn nervous habit.

“Thank you,” he told the Elfin girl, his grin probably too huge for his face. “You’re learning how to live like a human? I’m trying to learn about them. But the elders didn’t like it. Do you know a lot about humans? Because I don’t know anything and…”

Ivory clapped his hand over his mouth. He was being rude again. His mother would have tanned his behind. Ivory stepped back until he bumped into a chair and sat down amidst giggles.

Ivory turned beat red, wondering why he’d come. Then again, he didn’t really have much choice. He either had to become more Unicorn, or more human. The choice was his, the elders told his parents. His parents who thought he’d been too young to make such a decision. Ivory sniffed once then sat up straight. He was old enough to do this. He just needed more information.

The End

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