Ivory's new clothes

I looked at the unicorn / human He was kind of cute. I liked the mane and tail. I love unicorns. I used to ride them all the time in my forest realm. This one wasn't used to being human apparently.

"Yes, I'm an Elven girl. I came here to learn how to live as a human. It looks like you're doing the same thing." I told him.

He wasn't listening. The girl was helping him get dressed, but it wasn't working too well. His tail stuck out of the top of the jeans, and the main was under the shirt, and the ferret was back on his shoulder. It looked good from the front, but it looked uncomfortable at the back.

"Uh..Do you mind if I help with just a little adjustment in the back?" I asked.

The girl nodded, and Ivory blushed. I went over to to him and gently picked the ferret off of his shoulder and put him on the floor.

"I'm sorry little ferret, but there's a few adjustments to be made here, then you can have your perch back."

I went around behind Ivory to get a good look at how the clothes were on him, then I closed my eyes and pictured how to fit them on his back. I made a deep V in the waist of his jeans at the back for his tail to fit out of them. Then I put a reinforced slit down the back for his mane. When I was finished, the back looked as good as the front.

"There now, is that better?" I said as I put the ferret back on his shoulder.

Ivory nodded and grinned.

The End

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