Wrong again?

Ivory tried to look at the ferret curled on his shoulder. But he ended up turning around, much to Shade’s dismay. He stopped after the fifth try. “Sorry” he mumbled.

Ami giggled slightly as she handed him two items. One was long and deep blue with two tubes, the other was black and had three holes in it, two where from short tubes.

He stopped puzzling the clothing as he noticed the Elvin scent from outside. He turned to see a pretty redhead step inside. Another female? Wow. Selena she said her name was.

He tried to bow to introduce himself, but Shade dug its ferret’s claws dug in his shoulders. He quickly stopped himself.

“I am Ivory, the Littlest Unicorn, at your service. Purification and healing are my specialty.” He did at least do the hand flourish to his horn as he was taught. It was a bit awkward since he had to do it with the other hand so as not to disturb Shade.

Then he went back to puzzling the items Ami had handed him. He set the blue thing down and tried to put the black thing on his legs. Stifled giggles alerted him to the fact he was doing something wrong. Ivory blinked. “What?” he asked.

The End

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