Selena meets the gang

I watched the mansion from my tree house. It was getting pretty lonely up there. There was a little girl down there. Why was a child all by herself? My maternal instincts clicked in. I didn't want to be a mom just yet, not for decades, but I like to babysit the younger elves and teach them how to fly. Elven wings aren't very big. We can't fly very high or very fast, but it beats walking.. and climbing.

That warm fireplace looked inviting. Everybody else seemed to just walk in and make themselves at home., so I thought I'd go in and meet some of the people. How would I know If I wanted to live as a human if I didn't get to know any? I flew in the girl's open window, then walked down the stairs. There was a unicorn/ ferret /shape shifter, and a unicorn/human with the girl. I walked up to them and introduced myself.

"Hi. I'm Selena. I'm an Elf."

The End

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