Ivory's Introduction

Ivory stopped fussing with his platinum blonde mane in the reflective surface he found and turned to stare at the newcomers; both females. One was apparently a shape shifter, so she said, and the other, well she was certainly human. He sniffed slightly. They seemed trust worthy, both were magical.

“Hi,” he said, his blue eyes shining slightly. He glanced from the one to the other. They seemed to be smiling about something. “Did I?” he asked his face frowning slightly, “Did I put something on wrong?”

Ivory looked down. He was covered, wasn’t he? The two females giggled. Ivory frowned and stomped his foot slightly. “Laugh if you want, but help would be more productive.” He quickly clapped a hand over his mouth. Now he was sounding like his mother. Where were his manners?

Ivory quickly bowed. “I am Ivory, the Littlest Unicorn, at your service. Purification and healing are my specialty.” His hand flourished to his horn. Then he pulled himself to his full five foot height. “Who are you?” he asked. His tail flicked involuntarily, and his hand quickly caught it. He hoped his nervousness didn’t show.

The End

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