Meet Ivory, the Littlest Unicorn

Ivory shook his mane as he clip clopped up the drive to the mansion. It was a curious place, as human places go. But there was an air of magic about it so, as human places go, it was probably okay. Still Ivory shook his mane again as he reached the door and took a dainty whiff of air.

Something smelled definitely elfin over on one side, but Ivory couldn’t see anything. He’d just had to get kicked out of Unicorn school didn’t he? Ivory snorted. The idea that his elders didn’t like the fact he preferred humanoid form was preposterous. Well it was to him at least.

In fact, now that he didn’t need his four legged form for speed, Ivory transformed. Letting out a soft whinny he rose upon his hind legs. His front hooves morphed into human hands. His sparkling horn shrunk to a mere fifth of its size. Of course there was one little problem being in human form. He was naked.

Ivory wrapped his tail about himself as best he could and brushed his mane from his face. Hopefully he could find something inside to cover himself with. He’d heard it wasn’t polite to go around naked in human society. Maybe that’s why the elder’s hated him so much.

His hooves echoed on the tile floor as he entered. A quick glance around and there appeared to be no one here. Quickly he pulled a blanket off one of the chairs and wrapped it around his body. It didn’t seem right, but it was the best he could do. Now the question was, where would he find more appropriate…

Ivory sighed. What did that humans call that stuff they put on to keep from being naked? Damn he should have done more research before coming here. He clopped up the stairs, and was nearly run over by a cat chasing a mouse. He peeped into an open room.

“Ah Ha!” his own voice made him jump. He rummaged around and managed to find some sort of wrap that fit better than the blanket he’d wrapped around himself.

The End

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