Ami ran upstairs, and into a cute little bedroom. It was blue and silver. It was quite small, but large enough to fit a single bed, chest of drawers, and a wardrobe in. A door on the side led to a small bathroom. Ami opened the window, and pulled herself onto the ledge. She sighed as the wind stroked her hair with his thin fingers.

Ami looked out. She looked around at the front garden. it was littered with maple trees. Ami rubbed her eyes. For a moment, she thought she had seen a girl with red hair, looking from one of the trees. Once Ami had rubbed her eyes, the red-haired girl had gone.

Ami went back downstairs, to see the ferret looking out. it zoomed back under the sofa. Ami looked under the sofa, to see the ferret in a corner. she pushed the cake under, and went upstairs, into her little room. She opened the chest of drawers, to find trousers and t-shirts. She went to the wardrobe,and found beautiful gowns of silk of every colour. She closed the wardrobe, and pulled the covers of the bed back. She took off her shoes, and decided she would have a nap till the next person object thing came.

The End

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