Selena / Ithelwen

My name is Selena in the human language. It means moon. In my own Elven language, I am called Ithelwen. My friends back in my home realm with the forest clan call me Itt' Some friends! How would you like to be called Itt? I'm betting you don't.. I hated it. I like some nick names, but not that one, not with the meaning that it has in the human language. An it is a thing, an unknown or unwanted nothing that doesn't have a real name, or even a gender. I am female. I am not an it. What I am, is a female Elf.

I have been banished from my forest clan in the ancient pine forests of Northern Ontario, in Canada. I'm not sure how old I am in human years, but I look like a teen aged type of person. I am pretty young in Elven terms because we live really really really long lives. Some of them live till they are over 150 years old! I've seen some of those old elves. Their skin is all wrinkled, and their pointed ears curl in! Not attractive, I can tell you. Some of them are okay I guess, but it's the really old ones that kicked me out, so I'm still mad at them.

I just wanted to learn about the humans, I liked to hide in the shadows and watch them. I'm smart, and I'm good with languages, so I picked up one of the versions of the human language. I think it's called English. I liked to stand inside stores with those talking boxes in them . Television sets they're called. I always wear my long curly red hair over my ears so that I look more human. It's hard to tell that I'm an Elf because I look human except for the ears. There are other differences, but no one can tell with my clothes on. It's not like I would go around naked anyway.

Anyway, I was kicked out of my forest home for bringing home human stuff that had no business in an Elven Realm. I don't know what the big deal was, all I did was bring a can of silly string into the main meeting place and did some decorating. I had yellow, and green, pink, purple, orange. I had string on the trees, on the bushes, outside and inside the meeting house and the bathrooms.

Our Realm is on a different plane of existence, another dimension. It has no weather as such. We live among the trees and forests, but no one can see us, and the snow never gets in. We have a meeting house, and individual dwellings, complete with places to go to the bathroom. There aren't any flush toilets like humans, there are just little places with marble benches with holes in them. The stuff just... goes away, it's magic!

So I did a really talented, artistic job of decorating the meeting house, and the elders didn't appreciate it a bit. My parents weren't impressed either. I was sent away for a year to live among the humans, and decide whether I want to be a human, or an Elf. i thought that was rather harsh!

I found this big old mansion on my travels, with a grove of maple trees. I love the foliage when it turns colours. The pines up where my home is, are always green. Borrrring! I built this great tree house with magic. It looks just like the mansion, except it's among the branches of a big old tree that is practically growing up the walls of the mansion, it's that close. I can see a kid in one of the rooms making a fire in the fireplace with her hands! She's not a Faerie, I recognize those. I don't know what she is.

I haven't decided whether to let the humans See it or not. It'll be in its' own plane of existence too, but I can allow a see through wall if I want. I'm just going to hang around outside this mansion and watch what goes on.


The End

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