Shy Shade

Shade was relieved to find the house relatively empty when it arrived. It'd never done well in large groups of people. Surprising for a shapeshifter, but Shade always had been a strange one.

Shade was neither specifically male or female, but for now it was in the form of a young woman, dark eyed and pale skinned with short-cropped black hair. It'd chosen fairly neutral attire, a white sleeveless shirt and loose jeans with a pair of sandals for this form. It didn't want to draw attention to itself.

Peering around the door, Shade slipped inside and came upon a young girl sitting in one of the chairs. Shade smiled nervously, giving a small wave and perching on the back of one of the chairs:

"Hi," it said, chewing it's lip nervously, "I'm Shade. Who are you?"

The End

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