The Community First Pen

Originally written on a napkin, a peculiar result of my boredom. I decided to write a eulogy for my dying pen, curiously, I wrote it with the dying pen.

"We are gathered here today, Twisty and Clicky Pens alike, to lay to rest our dearly departed friend, the Community First Pen."

*Someone in the audience starts to wail.*

"He was a good pen...a clicky pen, a pen of standard black ink. But, alas, on this day we are to mourn the depletion of his ink supply. At least we can thank the Great Golden Inked Quill Above, that his spring did not tire and fail before his ink ran low. As it says in the Good Napkin 'And yet I say unto ye, may the Great Golden One Above bless you with ever bouncy springs and may your ink runneth over with joy.'

And how true that is, my friends, for though our brother is gone from this paper filled world, he has gone to write upon the clouds above, and he shall live on forever in our ball points and felt tips."

The End

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