The Community

This is 'The Community'. The community is for all objects/people/creatures of some sorts that are not quite normal. I hope there are lots of weird characters you could put in this place.
Things You Need To Know:
All of the Creatures live in the same house. There are hundreds of different rooms and places, but they all live together.
You may not kill anyone else's characters unless they have said they want to leave The Community, then they choose how they leave.
Ask if you want to use s

Ami walked into the mansion house. She looked around for a bit, then sat down in the room closest to the front door. The room was beautiful, all the furnature was white and gold. Ami laid onto a sofa, and looked up at the ornate ceiling. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a fireplace. She pointed out her fingers, and flames flared up. She sighed.

Ami was 12 years old. She had slightly tanned skin, light brown  hair that reached her shoulders, and eyes as blue as a cloudless sky. She worefaded blue jeans with a pale blue top with flowing sleeves that matched the colour of her tiny nose-stud. She had got her powers when she was 5. She had the powers to influence the Elements; earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. "How appropriate" she had thought to herself, since she was a Pagan, and around her neck was the symbol of the Goddess, the Elements, and the Pagans. She laid back, and waited.

The End

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