Energy Exchanges

These will just be little occurences of everyday life.

Today I was in my group for the discussing of Macbeth.  We were making good conversation about a certain subject that was quite amiable-making the majority laugh, when I looked over at him.  He returned my smile with his white sharp-toothed one.  Our eyes had met and it was as though magic happened between them.  A intimate moment between boy and girl-man and woman.  It had happened before-these moments of looking in one’s soul, but I had never applied the young man to the title of newly found crush.

    After coloring and looking down at the notes on my desk I observed him.  The young gentleman had glassy blue colored eyes, short lightly curled brown locks, and an unshaven face-which for most young men would be bothersome, yet for myself that day couldn’t trouble me.     In my brain, I loosely went over his character and nobleness.  I turned it over and over.  I twisted it and shook it out.  His family was most polite and and fair to my knowledge.  In fact,his brother was my littlest sisters peer.  President of many honorable clubs, well-known throughout the school, all honors and A.P. classes.  Indeed the man was amiable in his mental being and handsome in his physical.  Overall yes, but I would come to bring together my senses and join back into the conversation of a blood thirsty Lady Macbeth and a once noble and honorable protagonist, the Macbeth.

The End

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