Silver Symbol of Love

"George, I hate it when you go." He whispered in my ear, his soft breath tickling my ears. 

I kissed his lips gently, then rested my head on his shoulders. I felt the same with him. Every time I wasn't with him, were painful seconds. He was always on my mind, and for ever in my heart.

I loved it when he called me George. I become a new person. I wasn't Lady Georgia Eliza Johnson, that everyone expected me to be. I could be my own person with him. I was free with him. 

"I know you do." I said back to him, stroking his cheek. "But you know I have to go. One day..." 

I left the sentence in the air. We both knew that the chances of there being a one day were slight. We came from two different worlds, and we both knew it. I saw a flash of pain cross his face. 

"It's not fair." He cried. His eyes were moist, yet they still looked at me lovingly. 

"I know it's not. But what am I supposed to do? They will never accept us here." I said in despair. Oh how the cruel world worked.

"Then we will go." He replied suddenly. I stood back, confused.


"Yes! Your right. We would never belong here if we were together. But George, if we go, we can live peacefully." 

"Harry.." I said, quietly. Almost unbelievingly. 

"Think about it. I could get a job as another stable boy. We could have our own house." 

"But where?" I asked him. If only it was so simple. How I would love to wake up every morning next to his handsome face. How I would love to cook him breakfast and have his supper ready every time he returned home from work. 

"Anywhere." He exclaimed, pulling me closer to him. I put my head under his neck, and he gently stroked my hair as he told me what could be. I must admit, it was tempting. 

"But what about my family?" I said quietly, turning my face to look at him. His smile dropped.

"George. I love you. But I can't be with you, because of your family. I hate to do this to you, but I'm afraid it comes down to 'it's me or them'" 

I stood back, away from him. Harry. I loved him with all my heart. My heart ached for him, and my blood pumped for him. I lived my life for the few hours I got to spend with him. He was my life and my soul mate.

But could I leave my family for him? I wasn't sure.

Harry reached slowly into his back pocket, never once taking his eyes away from mine. He pulled out a small black box, and I started as soon as I saw it. He didn't smile, but just looked at me. Then he knelt to the ground.

"Georgia Eliza Johnson. Every time I imagine my future with out you, my heart hurts. My body shakes, and my mind shuts down. Your are my only love. I would go all over this god damn world, if it meant I could be with you. 

"George, will you marry me?" 

I couldn't speak. I just stared at him, in shock. Marry him? My Harry, wanted me as his wife. This was the scene I had dreamed about so often, yet still to see it acted out came as one huge surprise. 

I looked down at the ring he showed me. It was magnificent. Small, and silver with a small diamond embedded  in it. I had seen so many more glamorous and expensive, but this one was me. It was simple and elegant. It wasn't the biggest of diamonds, but it meant more. It meant more because I knew it had been a lot for Harry.

"How did you afford that?" I asked him. 

"I've been saving up for a while now, but it was worth it so I could get you a decent ring."

He coughed, awkwardly. I knelt down to face him.

"Well?" He asked nervously. I leant forward and kissed him. I kissed him so passionately, and I put all of my love for him into it. My blood pumped faster for him, and I ached for him to hold me. 

He pulled away and asked:

"Is that a yes?"

"That's a ye-"

"What is going on here?" 

I turned round, and my mouth dropped as I saw my father and two brothers stood at the door way. I stood quickly, followed by Harry, and I stood in front of him protectively. 

"Father-" I started but he held his hand up.

"My stable boy? And my Daughter?" he said quietly. I gulped. The anger in his face echoed around the room.

"Sister, how could you?" My eldest brother, Jonathan started, "He is a Black boy!" 

"How dare you!" I started.

"George please.." Harry whispered behind me.

"Don't you dare even speak." My father ordered. 

"Father please-" 

"Gregory. Hold her." He shouted. My brother came closer and before I could react he pinned both of my hands behind my back.

"It's for your own good." He whispered, and then I realised what they were going to do.

"No. No, No NO!" I screamed, as my Father and Jonathan moved closer. "Harry, Run!" 

But he didn't. He stayed his ground, and he looked at me. The love in his eyes, brought tears to my eyes. I tried to get away, but Greg's hold was too tight.

"I love you." Harry mouthed to me, before my father punched him to the ground.

"No!" I screamed but it was no use. I shouted for help but no one came. My body shook as I watched my Father and brother punch him again and again and again.

I struggled, but I couldn't get free.

"HARRY" I yelled.

We were going to get married. We were going to go away, and never come back. We would have our own house, and our own children. 

"HARRY" I shouted again and again. At first he yelled my name. But then he fell silent. 


I held my breath as my Father stood back. There was blood every where. I took one look at my beloved and then fell to the ground. Tears flooded my eyes, leaving me blind.

"How could you!" I screamed. 

My Harry, gone. Gone for ever. And his blood was on my families hands. I crawled to him, expecting to be dragged away but they let me. I held him to my heart, begging him to wake up but it was no use. 

My tears mixed with his blood, and all sense of time melted away. All that could be, would now be never more. My family had took him away, in the cruellest of ways. The pain that Harry had felt, I felt too. Like it had been me that had been beaten. 

I looked down, and saw something in his grip. Opening it, I saw the ring. My ring. The silver symbol of our love. 

"See this!" I screamed. "This was his love for me. And you took it away. You are all murderers! I hate you all, and I tell you this know. You are not my family." 

Then I knelt down to lay beside my one and only love. 


The Next Colour Shall Be: Jungle Green. 

The End

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