Iris, Beauty of the Garden

 I strolled across the green paths of grass, snaking their way through the rock walled garden beds. A skirt swirled around my feet, and a tiara of thistles crowned my head. Was this a dream?

 I smelled a heavy, sweet aroma as I passed beneath an arbour with vines of honeysuckle crawling over it. Smiling at it's lovely perfume, I passed onwards, continuing through the fairy like gardens.

 With a certain purpose, I quickened my step, turning onto a walkway paved with stone. The gentle trickle of water crept to my ears, and I was drawn to it.

  A few frogs sang their mellow, deep chorus, lingering about a small pond. Cat Tails, tall grasses, all lingered about the dark blue goldfish pond, tinged with mossy green. Like a regal centerpiece, a small isle was set, those purply flowers for which I was named was queen of the whole garden. Irises. 

  I smiled, lifting my lavender skirts with my delicate marble fingers and tip-toed out onto the silky, smooth water. I stood atop it as if it was glass, rippling only slightly as I stepped onto the surface, the orange goldfish swimming playfully at my feet.

 Giggling like a young girl, I walked from the water to the small green island. I cupped one of the irises in my small, white hand, lowering my nose to sniff it's beautiful smell.

  I lifted my face from the flower's petals, and gazed about. My heart jumped. I had been here before.

 "Iris," said a smooth, cool voice from behind me, familiar and sweet, warm breath across my neck. I turned, facing a man much taller than I, the sun shinning in his youthful, handsome face. He bent over and plucked an iris bloom, tucking it behind my ear. His hand fell from behind my ear and ran across my cheek. "Iris, Beauty of the Garden....,"


~~~The next color is...ruby~~~


The End

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