Navy Waters

The sea was thick, it rippled on the shore like hands pulling the beach down into the groves of the sea. The sea shone navy and reflected in the girl’s pale blue eyes. The girl dipped her feet in and the salt particles shot up and dazzled like diamonds in the sun. The girl looked down into the water and was filled with deep sad emotion and remorse. She thought of her dad that had been lost at sea during the world war and wept tears of sadness and woe, each droplet was a different shade the droplets parted from her face and fell into the sea turning that same navy colour and drifting out. The girl walked into the cool bliss waters and cursed, “you claimed my dad now take me for I am lost without him and I do not have the strength to go on”. She plunged into the crisp water attempting to part with her life but as if the sea could sense the girls intention it would force her back up. She swallowed too much sea water and passed out into the waters. The navy water lifted her up and used the penetrating waves to guide her back to the shore where it gently pushed her on to the sand the sea then disappeared back and produced her father’s captain’s hat and placed it next to the girl. For every life claimed to Davy Jones’s locker another is saved.

Alright the next colour is Mulberry  

The End

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