Eyes in a Celestial Blue Night Sky

Daniel rubbed his hands together in a vain attempt to warm his freezing hands. The evening was cold, and his breaths condensed in the air like icy clouds. The sun was going down and the sky was filled with bright orange and pink, reflecting off the white clouds. It looked hot, a stark contrast to the cool air. He stood over a red and white picnic blanket and stuck his hands under his arms. He looked back toward the road where his dark blue pickup truck sat on the side of the road.

She still hadn't come. Where was she?  

Daniel decided to go back to the truck and get out the food and plates. He'd planned to set up in front of her, but she'd never arrived. So, Daniel hustled back to the truck and opened the passenger side door with his key. When inside he took out the picnic basket and the red cooler. When he returned to the top of the hill, where he'd laid out the blanket, he parked to cooler and the basket on the corners of the blanket where the wind had started to turn the blankets' edge inward. He got out the plates and the forks and placed them facing each other in the center of the blanket. Then he took out two glasses with solid bottoms and placed one at each plate. Then a napkin and a knife at each setting. He unwrapped the fried chicken and placed the bowl between the plates. The bowls of mashed potatoes and broccoli, he placed around it. 

By that time, the sun had completely set and it started turning dark. The orange and pink faded into a dark blue.  He set up a camping lantern next to the make shift dinner table by hanging it from the tree branch that laid over the hill. He looked back at the road, but only his truck was parked there.

Did she forget or is she blowing me off. Did I actually have a chance, or... was she just toying with me.

Daniel took one of the chicken drummies and bit off a piece of the juicy meat. It had gotten cold, sitting in the freezing air, and dew had even condensed on the outside. As he chewed  he looked up into the sky. The last clouds had started to dissipate and wander off into the sky. Daniel could just begin to see the faint blinks of some stars. 

When he'd eaten 3 drummies and she'd still hadn't arrived, he felt exausted and spread himself onto the grass. He looked up into the sky, and dark, cold blue like it was in the winter, speckled with hundreds of white dots. This far from the city lights, most of the stars could be seen. He easily spotted the big dipper, the little dipper, and Orion. Daniel searched around until he found ursa major, then ursa minor. He got lost in the stars, forgetting about the cold and the food beside him. He looked at how the stars' light mixed into each other and how he could make a dozen new constellations out of the stars in the night. The deep, ancient, and cold dark blue sucked him in and he felt he could just reach out and touch it. 

"My favorite thing to look at is the milky way. My father showed it to me when I was a kid. He told me, it was formed when god bumped into a glass of milk, and it poured down from heaven." 

Daniel was shocked, and fumbled up out of the grass. His pants and shirt were wet from the ground and the dew. 

She had arrived. 

And so they ate and drank, and right around midnight, when the drummies and the mashed potatoes and the red wine he'd brought specially for that night were gone, and the broccoli sat mostly uneaten as they'd expected it would, Daniel and his date sat under the Celestial blue sky and he pointed out the rest of the constellations to her. 

She came at last. Like she said she would. I guess I had nothing to worry about.

Thank You for reading. I'm sorry, it wasn't my best work, but I tried hard. The next color should be Hot Pink, the same color as the sunset.

The End

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