Running Through the Forest Greens

Her thoughts were tangled and knotted, just like the roots that grasped at her feet as she ran through the dense woods.  She ran frantically with her arms out in front of her, like two limbs reaching for a distant light.  The sun had just sank below the horizon line, leaving just enough light for her to see the edges of the green maze before her.  She continued to hurry, darting between trees and around the small bushes and undergrowth that littered the forest floor.  She was uncertain of what chased her, but the continuous rustling noises of cracking dry leaves behind her forced her to keep running forward.  Yet, she found herself growing weak, having to struggle for air, and eventually came to a stop, gasping.  She was exhausted, and fairly certain that she was lost.  She tried to breathe deeply, but the thick air suffocated her.  The tree branches seemed to reach out to choke her.  As she fought for breath, the deep green leaves of the forest floor rose to meet her.  

The next color - Celestial Blue

The End

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