Amber Eyes

Everywhere I went, I saw them. In my mirror, on the television, in every shadow. I couldn't escape. Was I to be haunted by them forever? 

"Are you all right?" people asked me constantly. It was understandable, as my skin had slowly paled. I was always jumpy, and shivering. I had quietened from the loud, boisterous man, to the silent one. 

Guilt suffocated me. Everywhere I looked, I saw signs of my crime. Letters, questions, pictures. My lies that had took over my life were slowly unravelling. It wasn't for long my wife could carry on being ill. 

People wanted to see her. Her family wanted to check up, and see how serious her flu was. If only they knew the real reason she hadn't made an appearance in the past few days. 

I entered my house, and the smell hit me. But I didn't care for the smell. I would live with anything, for my sins to be forgiven. Letters piled at the door, but I ignored them. They were hers. 

In the living room, I saw her lay down...asleep. Yes, she was asleep. She always slept with the quilt right the way over her, didn't she? To cover the light, so she'd be in darkness. 

I knelt down, and gently stroked her head over the quilt. She had a migraine, that was all. She was taking a rest after her migraine. Her family didn't need to worry, she would be up and walking in no time at all. 

Slowly, I pulled the quilt from over her head and fell back when I saw them. There they were again. Always following me. Always staring at me, judging me. Hating me. 

Her amber eyes. 

They stared at me, holding me to the spot. I cried soft tears, begging for them to look away but they didn't drop their glare. I begged her to move, to get up, to forgive me. But there she lay staring at me. 

Her skin had paled, and I moved closer to caress her soft cheek. I kissed her gently on her cold lips, all the while her eyes looked at me.

 I hadn't meant to hurt her. She had shouted, and I got so angry. I had lashed out, not thinking of what I was doing. Oh, how I regretted that short second of my life. The thud of her falling to the floor still ringed in my ears. 

"Baby, wake up..." I whispered in her ear, but it was no use.

My love was dead, and I was her murderer. 




Next Colour Shall Be........ PLUM!

The End

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