Neon Night

The music filled my head, beating and pulsing. The smell of sweat and this guy's cologne mingled and mixed, heavy in my nostrils.

Strobe lights flickered to and fro, illuminating the cramped room in bright neon colors. Pink, nothing, white, nothing, green, nothing, repeat. My hips swayed back in forth, in tune with the beat. The guy took my hand and led me to the door, dancing our way out. 

Outside, the air was much cooler than inside. Together we walked through the streets of the city, passing the large glass towers that touched the sky. Corner after corner we turned, sometimes trying not to step on the cracks, other times gazing up at the night sky, watching the dozens of airplanes with their blinking and twinkling lights.

Living in the big city, you never got to see many of the stars. So we just pretend that the airplanes were the shooting stars, and made wishes on the wings.

We reached the tiny apartment building where my family and I lived, and we gazed at each other before it was time for the night to officially be over.

He kissed the tip of my nose, and I turned and went inside. Before the door closed, I looked back and smiled, but he was gone.


next color: ivory

The End

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