Blanched Almond: The Park

"AAARRRHHHH!" I shouted as I ran into my best friend. She screamed and dodged, then ran to the other end of the rectangular park. 5 of my frieds and I were playing bulldogs in the park in our heighborhood. All but one of them had reached the other end... okay, now they all have. "Bulldogs, CHARGE!!!" I yelled and sprinted after them. I was targeting a boy in my form - I'd been friends with him since primary school and I could easily outrun him. " Gotcha!" I said, pinning him to the ground. At that moment, an elderly couple with a small poodle strolled past with a look of disgust on the faces. But what the heck, it's summer!

okay, how about... saffron. :D

The End

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